What’s in our Travel Bags?

We both love to travel. We enjoy both those week-long getaways & also a one-day road trip. We’ve done it a fair few times now so know what we need to sling into a backpack ready to hit the road. In case you’re new to travelling, a bit more experienced and want some extra tips or just generally nosey – we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 things that we won’t leave the house without (as well as an honourable mention or two)

Hannah’s Top 5 Travel Bag Essentials


The Bag: Either a Karrimor Purple & Grey 30l Day Sack or a BBC Dr Who brand official Tardis Backpack. It all depends on how far and what we’re doing to the bag I use – normally the Tardis Backpack if it’s a local trip and it won’t be getting too heavy & the Karrimor one if I know I’m going a little further as it’s padded.

1) Entertainment for the journey – I’m a bad traveller. There, I said it! I get really restless and bored on long travels so keeping entertained is vital. My go-to items include;

  • Nintendo 3DS – loaded with Animal Crossing, Pokemon & Zelda in a travel case. These 3 games are perfect as they’re easy to pick up and don’t require a stylus so it’s one less thing to drop & loose under a seat
  • Headphones – vital if travelling via train. I also have Amazon Music pre-loaded on my phone so never short of a variety of music to listen to
  • Fidget Items – I really like the Fidget cube & the Tangle Jr

2) Lip Balm – I always carry a lip balm or two in my bag for dealing with chapped lips, especially if it’s an outdoor adventure day and/or it’s cold outside. I like using Burt’s Bees (the Honey one is lovely) or a LipSmakers if I’m feeling adventurous (Cherry Cola flavour anyone?!?)

3) Hand Sanitizer & Face Wipes – for the street food eating, public toilets with no hand drier, life is generally icky moments…! Long and short of it the world is messy & there’s nothing worse than feeling grubby when you travel so something to freshen up with is always good.

4) Portable phone charger – I own a phone which battery life is not the best. There’s nothing worse than at the end of a long day not being able to listen to music on the way back or being out and finding something perfect to Instagram and having no battery. For this reason, I always carry a small power pack which I fully charge the evening before a trip; normally good for approx 1 charge.

5) Lanyard with pouch – these are great for holding small items you might want to get to quickly such as a tube ticket, entry pass or even a debit card if you know you’re going to be buying a lot in a small space of time and you have no pocket. I’m currently using a Hogwart’s House Lanyard bought at Platform 9 3/4 shop in Kings Cross Station.

Honourable Mention: A makeup bag  – a small makeup bag is perfect to put all of these little items, plus a mobile phone, into so they don’t get lost in a big backpack.

Liam’s Top 5 Travel Bag Essentials


The Bag: A 30l Karrimor Day Sack in Black & Grey

1) Manfrotto Mini-Tripod & Phone Mount – I enjoy taking pictures when we go out and don’t always have on me my Mirrorless camera. For that reason, a small tripod that’s easy to throw into my bag and a plate mount to attach my phone to are perfect for the impromptu photo opportunities that may come about on a day trip.

2) Two Together Rail Card – A Two Together Rail Card is a network rail initiative where it allows you to save 30% off rail fares when travelling with a named companion. We have one together which makes traveling on the trains a much cheaper option and often pays for itself on one journey (these cost £30 for a full year from date of purchase to travel with as often as you want – a trip to London without this can cost £30+ if you don’t do it far enough in advance). It also makes 1st class tickets a viable option if you book up early enough to travel in style!

3) Pain Relief – a full day, or longer, on your feet can cause aches and pains. You also never quite know what may happen to you when you’re out which may cause you to need some relief. It’s always better to have some just in case as the prices at Train Stations for these can be very expensive compared to elsewhere.

4) Headphones – again you need something to do whilst travelling to keep amused. My favourite past times are Youtube Videos & Audiobooks.

5) Water Bottle – water is expensive when you’re in prime tourist areas. By taking a water bottle with you it saves you tonnes of money as in most cities there are plenty of free water fountains or drinkable water sources to fill up from to keep hydrated.

Honourable Mention: Multi-end retractable cable – a cable that can charge more than one thing at once that also stores small is great to have as you only need to carry one lead for anything that may need some additional power if a plug socket is to hand.

So there you have it, that’s what we like to carry in our travel bags. Are we missing anything do you think? Let us know your top 5 travel items or even send us a picture of your travel bags on our social media (@handlpresent on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or in the comments below.


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